We are
McCann Health UK

We are part of the McCann Health network, one of the world’s most creatively awarded and connected community of experts. We’re focused on health, happiness and humanity, ensuring we make a meaningful difference both to our clients’ businesses, and to people’s lives.

McCann Health London, the largest and most creatively awarded healthcare agency in
the UK, is comprised of three core competencies: Rx/Pharma, specialising in physician,
healthcare professional, patient and corporate communications; consumer health, specialising in broad consumer health and OTC brands and services, plus disease awareness campaigns marketing direct to health consumers; and ‘expert’ marketing, promoting both OTC and Rx brands to ‘expert’ influencers such as pharmacists and other recommenders.


McCann Health UK is a multi award-winning team of creatives, strategists, medics, pharmacy specialists, designers, digital engagement teams and producers, ready to tackle every project from the complex and detailed, to the simple and disruptive. Some of the key people in our management team are: